Jillisa Winkler Anointed Acting Executive Director of the Carl Maxey Center

The Black Lens Staff


Spokane, WA – The Carl Maxey Center (CMC) is honored to announce the annointment of Jillisa Winkler as the Acting Executive Director. Winkler, a dedicated protégé of the late Sandy Williams, steps into this role with a deep commitment to furthering the missions of both Carl Maxey and Sandy Williams, whose legacies continue to inspire the work of the Center.

In her new role, Winkler will oversee the Center’s existing programs and spearhead the development, rollout, and implementation of new initiatives designed to enrich the lives of African Americans in Spokane. Her work in program management reflects a holistic approach to addressing the community’s needs, identifying opportunities for growth, and fostering sustainable improvements in life outcomes for African Americans.

Winkler’s expertise extends to advocacy and external relations, where she will continue to strengthen partnerships with both public and private organizations. These collaborations are essential in assessing the community’s needs, supporting the development of community collaborations, and monitoring performance and compliance toward our collective goals.

Under Winkler’s leadership, the Carl Maxey Center will continue to champion a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. She is committed to deepening the Center’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion principles that stand at the core of our mission.

While Winkler brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role, she will also coordinate closely with team members to ensure the Center’s continued success in areas requiring specialized support. Winkler will maintain HR policies and procedures, ensuring the Center operates with the highest standards of professionalism and care for its employees. Her role in Board relations is equally vital, as she will work closely with the board to ensure the strategic direction and vision of the CMC are realized.

The Carl Maxey Center is excited to welcome Jillisa Winkler as the Acting Executive Director. Her leadership, passion, and vision are invaluable assets as we continue to strengthen our operations and further our mission to improve life outcomes for African Americans in Spokane. For more information about the Carl Maxey Center and our programs, please visit carlmaxeycenter.org

CONTACT: Renika Williams Board Vice President Carl Maxey Center renikawilliams@gmail.com