A Reflection on the BSU Pilgrimage to Washington D.C.

The Black Lens Staff

Black Lens staff

The following is a student reflection from a recent Spring Break pilgrimage to Washington D.C. attended by Black Student Union officers from two local high schools and members of Strong Women Achieving Greatness (SWAG). This trip was sponsored by: The Way to Justice, The Spokane Branch of the NAACP, SWAG, Mentoring Today’s Youth, and American Ironworks. Over a week, students toured the National Mall, The U.S. Capitol Building, The National Museum of African American History and Culture, and Howard University.

Weeds Into Flowers

Written by: Jetaime Thomas

Ferris High School, 12th Grade

I carry ancient resentment

I possess a sort of melancholy brain and difficulty processing my ancestor’s grief along with my own

My head is like a slideshow

Replaying horrific stories that are a part of my history

The history I’ve spent my entire life trying to understand

Trying to realize how my people went from mathematicians and astronomers

To servants viewed as uneducated and ignorant

From talented artists, and agriculturalists.

To being essentially nothing

From explorers and artisans

To the corners of plantations

I want emancipation

From negative stereotypes

That leads to graves

The waves they hit us

Like a bus

It split us

Contempt to the oppressor

We were seen as lesser

It’s in my blood to challenge rules

And simply come out better

A rose from the concrete

Survived the bluest eyes

Constantly torn down and still like dust we rise

Forced to rebel

Gone through hell

Taking down faulty systems one colonizer at a time

Yeah, imma bet a dime

On the people we’ve become

We came from the slums

And still we succeed

Grown weeds into flowers

I’m ‘bout to devour

The world – it is ours

Built on our backs

Sense it lacks

Yet we can take back our power

In education and community

In peace and unity

In happiness and support