Why Fathers are Important

Pastor Benjamin D. Watson Sr. Bethel A.M.E.

Fathers are a crucial and irreplaceable part of our children’s lives. We play an essential role in shaping our children’s growth and development. We set a positive example by being role models of good behavior and values.

Dads also provide emotional support that is essential for our children’s well-being. We are there to listen, comfort and guide them through life’s ups and downs with sound advice.

Fathers help to create strong family bonds by reinforcing healthy, enlightened conversations, promoting an atmosphere of love and stability. Furthermore, we teach our children the importance of building solid relationships and being there for each other.

As spiritual leaders, priests in the home, my God dads, we have a critical role to play in guiding our children towards faith-based practices and values. We are the primary lens through which our children will come to understand God and the nature of the universe. While trained spiritual leaders are wonderful and necessary, fathers, too, are called to be agents of spiritual guidance for their children.

In short, fathers are vital to the healthy and holistic development of our children and should embrace this God-given calling with the utmost care and responsibility.