Human Rights Dinner in Spokane

By Natasha Hill The Black Lens

On June 4, the Washington State Human Rights Commission’s office leadership visited Spokane and had a gathering with various individuals, including Spokane city officials, members of the Police Ombuds, members of the city’s Human Rights Commission, Spokane NAACP and other distinguished guests.

The Washington state Human Rights Commission Executive Director Andreta Armstrong, emphasized the importance of building stronger connections with organizations and community members in Spokane and the East Side of the state. During the meeting, the guests shared personal stories and provided examples of the challenges faced by residents in Spokane.

Armstrong concluded the meeting by highlighting the Human Rights Commission’s work in areas such as employment, housing, public accommodation, credit, and insurance processes, and discussed how local communities can access their services. The meeting took place at JasminHill Events and was hosted by Human Rights Commissioner, Pastor Luc Jasmin. For more information, please visit the Human Rights Commission at

About the state Human Rights Commission

Established in 1949, the Washington state Human Rights Commission is responsible for administering and enforcing the Washington Law Against Discrimination, Chapter 49.60 of the Revised Code of Washington.

The Human Rights Commission is a neutral, fact-finding law enforcement agency; it does not act as an advocate for any party during an investigation, but advocates for the law in the interest of preventing and eliminating discrimination. You may still consult with and have an attorney if you are filing a complaint with the WSHRC.

Discriminatory practices on the basis of protected class are illegal in the areas of:


Housing & Real Estate

Places of Public Accommodation

Credit & Insurance

Protected Classes include:

Race/Color (including hairstyle)

National Origin

Citizenship/Immigration Status



Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

Veteran/Military Status

The presence of any sensory, mental, or physical actual Disability or perceived


Use of a Service Animal

HIV or Hepatitis

Marital Status (except in public accommodation)

Breastfeeding (in public accommodation)

Age (40-plus, employment only)

Families with Children (housing only)

State Employee Whistleblower

It is also illegal to retaliate against any individual who files or participates in a discrimination complaint.

The Spokane office is located at Rock Pointe Plaza III, 1330 N. Washington St., Suite 2460.

The headquarters in Olympia are located at 711 S. Capitol Way, Suite 402, or can by reached by mail at P.O. Box 42490 or by phone at (360) 753-6770.

For additional information or questions, or wish to have training for your organization, please contact the WSHRC at (360) 753-6770 or at (800) 233-3247.