Poetry Rising

By Black Lens Staff

Jameson Tucker is a 2024 graduate of Shadle Park High School. This year he attended a college and career presentation hosted by Stephen Pitters, a retired social worker and therapist, writer, and local program host for “Thin Air Radio” on KYRS. During this presentation, Pitters shared his personal and professional journey to becoming a writer. Tucker’s English class was one of several groups that attended this presentation, where Pitters did writing exercises and encouraged students to read aloud. This experience turned into an opportunity for Jameson to submit poetry to Pitters’ latest publication titled “Postings from The Spirit”. In May, at the Shadle Park Public Library, Tucker, along with several other students from various schools, had an opportunity to read their poetry for the Poetry Rising event. Tucker is an aspiring writer and will be attending Eastern Washington University in September. Below is his reflection on this experience and his poem:

“It felt great to be a part of the poetry event. It started with Mr. Pitters reading a poem he wrote about his mom, followed by a few soulful songs performed by a local artist that set the mood. We all then read our very different poems. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. It felt good sharing my thoughts amongst my peers. Our poems will live on forever.”


By: Jameson Tucker

Hair is what you need to see to get to know me,

we cut, braid, shape our hair

whatever it takes to feel real.