How to Take Ownership of Your Health in Your Youth

By April Eberhardt The Black Lens

Taking ownership towards your physical and

mental health is vital for a magnitude of reasons.

It not only provides a better view of yourself but

lengthens your life span. Taking your mental and

physical health seriously is crucial to giving yourself

a better quality of life. Although at times maintain-

ing good health, physically and mentally, can prove

challenging, investing in yourself is an investment

in your long term happiness and overall well being.

Being in complete ownership of your own health in

your youth can begin with changing and transform-

ing the mindset of holistic wellness within our fam-

ilies, friend groups, and even with our parents and

guardians. Making plans to do a fun, physical activi-

ty can help shift our mindset.

Exercising regularly heightens and strengthens

physical fitness, but has lasting effects on mental

wellness, including emotional balance. As a gener-

ation, it’s good to work on minimizing the obesity

count among all Black youth because of comorbidi-

ties such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

In America, obesity is a lingering problem tied to

so many other health issues. According to resourc-

es, surveys indicate that 31.7 percent of American

kids throughout the ages of two through nineteen

are overweight, or just simply obese, including the

35.9 percent of all African American children of the

same age.

By embracing activities that promote flexibility,

strength, and overall health, younger individuals lay

the foundation for a balanced, and healthy lifestyle

for not only yourself, but others around you. When

you and your family prioritize physical health as well

as mental health, and activities surrounding them,

you ́re actively planting a metaphorical seed for a

near future where your wellbeing is approached in

a better way, prioritizing nutrition, mental wellness,

and social connection into your own daily routines,

as if they were always there. We as a whole need to

prioritize these things in the same way we have with

brushing our teeth and washing our face every day.

In the near future for physical health the fitness

industry is hoping for and predicting a greater em-

phasis on workouts that not only improve physical

strength but also consider emotional and mental

health. Things like yoga, pilates, and mindful move-

ment practices like blending physical fitness with

stress reduction and emotional balance. As a soci-

ety we ‘ll have more technology and medicines, it

should be a strict priority to use these advantages to

the level they should be used at.

Planet fitness has taken a form of initiative to help

the ongoing health issues and obesity rate among

the youth by providing a completely free of charge

summer pass for youth of ages 14-19. From now to

August 31st if you want to take ownership of your

health you can register.

Taking ownership of your health can also just be

as simple as an easy walk or watching what you eat.

It’s surprising how much your health can impact you

short and long term. When you do take initiative on

your health it helps with body imaging, a clear mind

and better head space, rise in activity levels, and

more energy. By taking proactive steps to prioritize

our health and well being, we empower ourselves to

lead fuller, happier lives while setting a positive ex-

ample for others to follow.