The Way to Justice is restoring re-entry services statewide

By Alethea Dumas The Black Lens

When did the Way to Justice Start and Why?

The Way to Justice was founded in 2020 by Virla Spencer and Camerina Zorrozua, BIPOC women with over three decades of experience working in the justice system. We understand that change will not happen overnight, so our work is focused on navigating systems as they are, to find The Way to Justice.

Who does the Way to Justice Serve?

Our clients and their loved ones have been unjustly impacted by our legal system. Too often, access to justice is denied due to poverty and structural bias. In our work, we focus on addressing systemic racism, removing barriers, empowering the most vulnerable, and amplifying the voices of the impacted community to create a more just system.

What programs does the Way to Justice Offer?

Driver’s relicensing: We can help you qualify for a driver’s license if yours has been suspended or revoked.

Post-conviction relief: We can help you vacate your convictions, reduce your Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs), and restore your rights.

Justice Night: We host a walk-in legal clinic where clients can meet with an attorney and get advice and resources.

Youth empowerment: This program empowers local youth by offering leadership training, resources, and a platform to advocate for system change.

Racial justice: All of our work is guided by an unwavering commitment to racial justice and equity.

How do people find and support the Way to Justice?

Scan the QR code or visit our website to complete an intake form for our services, or make a donation via PayPal: